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Product Design Suite vs. Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical

Compare product design features of Product Design Suite vs. AutoCAD Mechanical and Inventor Professional software.  

Products Product Design Suite Ultimate 2016
Product Design Suite Ultimate 2016
Inventor Professional 2016
Inventor Professional 2016
AutoCAD Mechanical 2016
AutoCAD Mechanical 2016
Pay-as-you-go access  
Up-to-date software  
Online support  
Scalable licensing  
Fusion 360    
Engineering Design Productivity
Digital Prototyping  
Easy-to-use 3D mechanical design  
3D part and assembly design  
Free-form modeling  
Direct editing  
Rules-based design/automation  
Catalog/purchased/standard part library  
Mold, and tool and die  
Plastic parts design  
3D digital mockups for real-time collaboration    
Sheet metal design  
Frame and weldment design  
Electrical systems design/tube and pipe runs  
Integrated electrical and mechanical design    
Electrical engineering    
Visualization & conceptual design
Real-time design visualization  
Explore design concepts in AutoCAD    
Cinematic-quality rendering and 3D animation    
Photorealistic rendering and presentations    
Product simulation & design validation
Point cloud tools
Assembly-level finite element analysis (FEA)  
Assembly-level dynamic simulation  
Virtually infinite computational power    
Cloud-based parametric optimization    
Materials selection cost impact  
Assembly-level /interference detection  
Check for manufacturability  
Installation/ demolition sequence simulation    
Documentation & data sharing
Professional drafting and documentation tools
Native support for DWG™ files
International standards support
Markup of DWG, DWF™, and PDF files
Configurable data security
Mobile and online sharing of 3D designs
Multiple user/concurrent design
Automated design organization
Easy administration
BOM generation
Automatic drawing view creation  
BIM interoperability  
Native translators  
Smart panel layout drawings    
Large-scale design review and collaboration    
Layout designs, fly-throughs, walk-throughs