Product Design Suite

Deliver innovative 3D product designs

Product Design Suite is a comprehensive 3D product design software solution that delivers simulation, collaboration, visualization, and Digital Prototyping tools to complete your entire engineering process.

See how the Digital Prototyping capabilities of Product Design Suite can help you make great products, reduce development costs, and get to market faster.

Desktop Subscription gives you access to the latest updates and releases, 1-on-1 web support, priority support in the forums, flexible licensing, and more.  

Reuse your engineering data
  • Use 2D AutoCAD drawings as a base for Inventor layouts
  • Use standard component libraries to populate assemblies
  • Integrate data from many sources into 1 design
Quickly and easily make product design changes
  • Capture design intent with parametric tools  
  • Use direct edit and surface modeling functionality
  • Update designs to reflect changes automatically
Integrate electrical and mechanical design
  • Create 3D wire layouts by importing electrical schematics
  • Automate cable harness design in the 3D environment
  • Create 3D product design models from a schematic
Easily and quickly model organic shapes
  • Get started quickly with simple geometric shapes
  • Explore, create free-form models using direct manipulation
  • Incorporate free-form, direct edit, and parametric workflows  
Precisely manipulate geometry
  • Explore redesign possibilities without commitment
  • Change parametric geometry in models with complex histories
  • Revise imported base solid data
Explore your ideas in real time
  • Show photorealistic visualization
  • Exercise mechanism functionality in the sketch phase
  • Perform range-of-motion study using sketch geometry
Create cinema-quality renderings
  • Presentations with lifelike rendering
  • Indirect and time-of-day lighting effects
  • Automatic mechanism animations
Collaborate using your engineering data
  • Conduct product design reviews remotely
  • Aggregate models from a range of 3D design file formats
  • Import and export data with widely used file formats
Reduce physical prototypes to save money
  • Evaluate mechanisms throughout range of motion
  • Optimize designs for a range of input conditions
  • Reduce overengineering of products
Make sustainable and economical products
  • Explore alternative manufacturing processes to lower costs
  • Optimize material selection for impact and cost
  • Identify hazardous materials usage

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