Media and Entertainment Collection

Use the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection to build a powerful 3D animation pipeline for complex simulations, dynamics, effects and rendering.

The Media and Entertainment Collection lets animators, modellers and visual effects artists access the tools they need to create compelling effects, believable 3D characters and massive digital worlds. Move assets quickly between creative tools with one-click workflows.

Collection Includes


3ds Max

ReCap 360 Pro (US Site)

Purchased Separately

MotionBuilder (US Site)

Mudbox (US Site)

Character Generator (US Site)


Rendering in A360

Fusion 360


The tools professionals use: Maya and 3ds Max

More value, more flexibility, more simplicity

Access to a wide selection of essential 3D design software for the work you do

Get the tools you need now and in the future, as the collection and your business evolves.

Take advantage of the power of the cloud

Use reality capture and 3D scanning software and view and create rich visualisations.

Choose the individual products that you want to use

Download and install what you want, whenever you like - whether it is for occasional use, to meet requirements of a particular project or client, or to explore new workflows.

Fast, high-resolution renderings in the cloud