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Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate vs. Civil 3D or InfraWorks 360 LT

Compare Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2016, which has specialised AutoCAD Civil 3D modules available for Premium and Ultimate editions when you subscribe or purchase a maintenance plan, to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and InfraWorks 360 LT 2016 software.

Cloud service available with a subscription or purchase of a perpetual licence with maintenance plan for Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate. Cloud services are only available during the subscription term.


  Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2016
Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2016
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016
InfraWorks 360 with access to Roadway Design for InfraWorks 360, Drainage Design for InfraWorks 360 and Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360
InfraWorks 360 LT 2016
Access mapping and GIS data
Create 3D models of existing infrastructure  
Generate data-rich design concepts  
Communicate project alternatives more clearly with 3D visuals  
Preliminary design
Point cloud viewing and editing
Line-of-sight analysis
3D navigation, visualisation & video creation  
Civil design and production drafting tools  
Dynamic linking of design to documentation  
Storm and sanitary analysis  
Structural design and analysis    
Model-based tools for utility networks    
Industry models for utility networks    
Better coordinate architectural/building engineering    
Advanced structural simulation and analysis    
Cinematic rendering and animation    
River and flood analysis**    
Geotechnical borehole modelling (within AutoCAD Civil 3D)**    
Bridge modelling (within AutoCAD Civil 3D)**    
Rail track layout (within AutoCAD Civil 3D)**  
Structural Analysis for Revit    
Green Building Studio    
Multi-disciplinary project review    
4D and 5D simulations    
Model quantification    
Clash detection