As a design organisation, software tools are one of your most important technologies. And though modern software may be easier to use initially, configuring it correctly and then using it to its full potential can be complex.

To get the most from your software, it's also vital to keep up-to-date with the very latest versions and additions.

Our technical support resource can provide your business with all the specialist knowledge it needs.

By your side

Using desktop sharing software, our support engineers are able to view your problem in real-time. This technology is used in the majority of our support calls as it allows our expert to assess exactly what is on your screen and, with your permission, take control of your PC whilst explaining the solution. It's just as if we're sitting next to you.

In the unlikely event that your issue cannot be resolved remotely, we'll send engineers to your site to conduct a more detailed analysis and provide face-to face-assistance.

We offer our support services on an unlimited annual basis or for a specific number of technical incidents, so you can choose the package most suited to your organisational needs.

CADCare Support

Based at our head office in Manchester, our dedicated helpdesk team will log and track your support request. With the aid experienced trainers and consultants, all appropriate assistance is promptly provided.  If the issue is particularly complex it will be escalated to include further resources provided to us by the software creators.

Our support services are delivered by phone, email, remote access or on site, depending on your requirements and the nature of the problem you have encountered.

If you don’t yet have a contract, please contact our sales team on 0845 872 5555.

If you already have a CadCare contract call our helpdesk on 0845 872 5566.

How we do it

Your initial enquiry by phone or email will be logged in our database and you will immediately be provided with a case tracking number.

Our Helpdesk team will assess the issue and determine which of our team is best placed to help you. Your call or email will then be transferred to that specialist who will contact you.

Service Annual Incident
System specification advice
Installation issues
Licensing issues
Software configuration advice
Software fault diagnosis
Advice on alerts & messages
Help with your approach to modelling/design  
Advice on best practice  
Help with file transfer & conversion  
How do I questions  

To check pricing on standard packages or to discuss a custom support solution, please contact your Cadassist Account Manager.