Licence Compliance

Effective software management is critical. It not only helps you determine necessary software resources, it also protects the company against unauthorised software use.  Without appropriate oversight, susceptibility to software piracy increases. This, in turn, can lead to legal prosecution, large fines and negative public relations.

As software can represent a large percentage of the information technology budget, it makes commercial sense to keep a close eye on what you spend to acquire it, and then to support and train your staff in how to use it on the appropriate hardware.

Our professional software management results in multiple benefits –

  • your company buys only the software that it needs
  • employees only use properly licensed software
  • upgrades are purchased only for software that’s being used
  • downtime arising from important software licences not being renewed is avoided
  • volume discounts can be obtained by planning purchases and upgrades

With perpetual licences being replaced by desktop subscription options valid only for a fixed term, an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) process is more important than ever.

As an approved SAM partner, we are able to augment your knowledge to ensure a robust Autodesk software environment that meets your present and near term needs.

Key to this is undergoing a software audit on all computers within your organisation. Once our SAM consultant has completed it, you will have a clear picture of your organisation’s software - including usage, versions and serial numbers.

Call us and we can help you get the most from your investment in Autodesk software.