Bespoke Training & Support Programmes

Moving to 3D Modelling or BIM not only alters the design tools you use; the processes that support design and management activities are very different.

Without an effective approach for applying new technology, many organisations never fully realise its true potential. Instead, they continue to use outdated or inefficient methods, tools and workflows.

As the leading training provider for Autodesk software, (ranked #1 Autodesk Authorised Training Centre) we are perfectly placed to ensure your business avoids this scenario.

The comprehensive programme that we design and execute will embed the necessary skills, knowledge and capabilities across your entire organisation.  Integral to it will be both online and on-demand support service personnel who fully understand the design content of the chosen technology and the training programme that your staff are undertaking.

We offer:

  • Eight mobile training classrooms
  • The largest single group of Autodesk certified trainers
  • World Class customisable courseware and content
  • Tailored content integrated with your established standards and procedures
  • Blended learning options, inclusive of eLearning infrastructure
  • Skills audits before & after the training programme
  • Continuous professional development modules
  • A professionally qualified project manager to design and deliver flexible and modular schedules to suit dispersed teams and project milestones.

Our consultants have extensive experience of delivering comprehensive, organisation-wide training programmes across the UK, Europe and North America.

Call us and we can help you get the most from your investment in Autodesk software.