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As the landscape evolves and competitive pressure mounts, driven by the needs of ever more demanding customers, companies need to re-think their approach to innovation and transform the way they do business.

Agile product development provides a platform for continuous innovation and efficiencies by leveraging existing infrastructure whilst adopting new tools and technologies.

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New Industrial Revolution: Can Manufacturing Learn a Lesson from Farm-to-Table?

When industries turned to machines and away from the hands of artisans during the first industrial revolution, the manufacturing of goods became quantity and speed over quality and care. Products lost the potential for personalization, replaced by a one-size-fits-all approach…

Future of Manufacturing

Autodesk recently joined an esteemed selection of speakers at the FT Live: Future of Manufacturing event in London. In this video from the event, you’ll hear Jordan Brandt talk about the innovative technology that is powering the future of manufacturing and why Autodesk is leading the effort in the concept of generative design.

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