Get 50% off new Autodesk software

Trade-in a perpetual license and save up to 50% on a 3-year subscription your favourite Autodesk products - including AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, 3ds Max, new Industry Collections and more.  Exchange qualifying 'legacy' serial numbers for all associated seats from 1998-2016, and save up to 50%.

Offer ends 21st October 2016, so get in early to reap the benefits now.


With quarterly, annual, or multi-year terms, you get your favourite products your way:

  • Access the most up-to-date Autodesk design and creation tools as they’re released!
  • Get the Autodesk software you need at a lower up-front cost.
  • Easily scale up or down to fit your organisation's changing needs.
  • Minimise delays and downtime by utilising a range of technical support options.

As well as getting better value, easier access, and improved flexibility, your subscription also gives you:

  • Flexible Usage (Home Use, Global Travel, and Previous Version rights)
  • Cloud Services
  • Administrative Tools
  • Multi-year options
  • Single and multi-user access options


Autodesk will be increasing the prices of some of their products by 10% from the 7th September.  To find out if you will be affected by this change and to make the most of lower prices get in touch in plenty of time.

To benefit from the 50% off trade-in offer 

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