5 Things You Should Know About BIM

Building Information Modelling is transforming the face of the global construction industry.

In this increasingly competitive market in which winning work is challenging to say the least, it's vital that you stay ahead of the curve to protect the stability of your business and continue to secure new projects.

Discover 5 facts about BIM usage within construction and why it's on the rise!

5 Things You Should Know About BIM

Is Construction reaching an Age of Extinction?

How can BIM help your business?

In the UK and around the world, parts of the construction supply chain are waking up to the fact that they need to become Building Information Modelling (BIM) ready.

Decision makers are realising that if they don't, they face being locked out of project opportunities due to the ever increasing number of BIM requirements and mandates for public construction projects.

What will the BIM mandate mean for your business?

Is Construction Facing an Age of Extinction?

Ready to get started ?

The BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook is a 40 page step-by-step guide to help you get started with your BIM pilot project.

The BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook is divided into two sections:

  1. An Organizational BIM Plan 
    To help companies like yours implement BIM methodology at the organizational level
  2. A Project BIM Plan 
    To help project teams like yours implement BIM on a pilot project
BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook

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Optimize and streamline construction projects with BIM 360

The industry is at a place now where traditional working methods and manual paper based processes on the construction site are being challenged, and potentially phased out, in order to drive efficiency.

Public Sector BIM mandates influence the way the industry leverages intelligent BIM models throughout the full project lifecycle, requiring enhanced ways of collaborating between all project stakeholders.

Leveraging cloud collaboration technologies and mobile working, projects can now:

  • optimize communication
  • improve quality and reduce rework
  • minimize risk
  • ensure projects are delivered on time and budget

With this BIM 360 webinars we plan to share with you how users of the BIM 360 platform today are streamlining their projects from design stage, through construction and into ongoing Facilities Management.

Download the free BIM 360 webinar

The UK will be the largest construction market in Europe by 2030

What are the growth prospects for the UK and Irish Construction market? What will drive the market, what could hold it back, and how can you position your company to be part of the growth story?

Global Construction 2030 is an invaluable tool for senior executives and policy makers seeking a clear perspective on the global construction and engineering industry.

The forecasts and report have been developed and written by the world renowned expert team from Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics.

The UK will be the largest construction market in Europe by 2030