Now is the best time to switch to subscription

When it is time to renew your maintenance plan, you have got options to secure discount pricing on the software most important to you. Take advantage of this special offer to switch to subscription by choosing to move to subscription for the same cost as your maintenance plan renewal - or switch to an industry collection at a special price.

Key Benefits

Latest and greatest product capabilities - Get ongoing updates to products and services and new functionality, as soon as they are available.

New and improved support - Enjoy faster response times and the option to receive help by scheduling a call with Autodesk technical support specialists.

Simplified administration - Access tools that streamline deployment and software management when you standardise your Autodesk products on subscription.

Switch to an Autodesk industry collection for a special price

Better value, easier access and improved flexibility

In addition to getting better value, easier access and improved flexibility, your subscription also gives you**:

  • Flexible Usage (Home Use, Global Travel and Previous Version rights)
  • Cloud Services
  • Administrative Tools
  • Single and multi-user access options
Better value, easier access and improved flexibility

Get more power from your software with subscription

At time of renewal, you can choose to move to subscription for the same cost as your maintenance plan renewal - or you should think about subscribing to one of our industry collections - a great way to access the tools you need for the work you are doing at a special price.

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Frequently asked questions about maintenance plan changes as Autodesk move to one business model.

When your maintenance plan comes up for renewal, you will have 3 options:

  • Switch an eligible individual product on maintenance to a subscription of the same product
  • Switch an eligible individual product or suite on maintenance to an industry collection subscription
  • Renew your maintenance plan for one year

Contact us, and we will be happy to walk you through the options

The price to switch will increase by 5% in 2018 and another 5% in 2019, so the earlier you switch to subscription, the less it will cost. Also, switching to subscription brings you:

  • The convenience of charging subscription cost annually to projects;
  • Frequent product updates that you can decide when to consume;
  • More convenient support including "schedule a call" for faster engagement times;
  • Simpler administration of software when standardising products on subscription;

Yes. In most cases, you will be able to continue to use* versions of software downloaded and activated under your maintenance plan. These versions will now become part of your subscription entitlements. Additionally, you will have access to subscription previous versions per the Subscription Previous Version Eligibility List.

* Subject to compliance with certain conditions and limitations, and not possible in some countries.

No. The term length of your subscription cannot be changed at a later date. The next time you renew, it will be for the same length of time as your original subscription. For example, if you choose to switch to an annual subscription, the next time you renew, your subscription will be renewed for an additional 1-year term length. If you choose to change term lengths later (i.e. to multi-year), you will need to start a new subscription at the full subscription price. Please take this into consideration when deciding on the term length for your new subscription.

When your maintenance plan expires and your new subscription starts, administrators will receive an email with information so they can complete the switch. For a short period of time, the seats that were switched will be designated with the status of 'Switched' in Autodesk Account before being removed. Your new subscription begins the day after your maintenance plan expires.

For additional information including how to set up and manage your new subscription, contact us or visit the Move to Subscription help centre on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.