Should you update to AutoCAD 2018?


  1. Do you receive PDF files from Clients/Customers/Suppliers ?
  2. Do you often receive or create files with Xref’s?
  3. Do you often have to select items in multiple segments of a drawing?
  4. Do you use large drawings that slow your PC down?
  5. Do you have to share information for feedback with non-CAD users or leave the office with drawings/data?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you need the improvements available in AutoCAD 2018. Read on to find out why.

PDF Import Enhancements

SHX Text recognition switches PDF text into MText (Multiline Text) in your drawing making them editable. TrueType text no longer "flips" text upside down. Geometry is now scaled correctly, as long as all the view-ports are of the same scale and improved form data support for PDF imports. Last but not least, enhanced Text to Mtext tool, to convert a combination of text line objects to a one multi-line text box. 

"These improvements are a massive time-saver not to mention they limit multiple handling of information in turn reducing the opportunity for errors to creep in."

Combine Text

External Reference Path Enhancements

It’s now easier to fix broken paths with instant notifications as you open the drawing. In the XRef palette you can now use the Select New Path or use the Find and Replace options.
Select new path allows you to fix references to the newly selected folder structure and will be great for that time you moved a project folder to tidy up the network and forgot that you have lots of links to items in your site drawing.

Find and replace is an option that was available in the reference manager but has been incorporated into the XRef Palette allowing you to quicly find and replace the folder path of multiple items in one workflow.
This allows the guy’s and girls drafting to focus on the value added part of their workload (drafting) rather than searching and updating links to objects.

XRef Improvements

Object Selection Enhancements

Begin a selection window in one part of a drawing, then pan to another part of a drawing to continue a selection without losing the objects previously selected. For people with large site maps or complicated drawings this should allow them to isolate and select items much more effectively.

Performance Improvements

These are very welcome, but unseen. Slight changes to the DWG format improve the speed of opening and saving. Changes to the 3D capabilities improve security and stability. Improvements in the Save Performance, specifically in relation to blocks and Mtext formatting. Graphics performance updates improve the speed of the regeneration and redraw of elements like hatches.


Share Design View allows you to publish views of drawings to collaborate with stakeholders whilst protecting your files. This feature allows open communication on live items but ensures control of the original stays with the designer/business that owns responsibility for the design. This should help you feel comfortable sharing views of your design with anyone as needed.

AutoCAD Mobile

Why carry a laptop and possibly paper drawings into a review, or the field? AutoCAD Mobile comes with every subscription to AutoCAD. You can view, create, edit, and share CAD drawings on a tablet or smartphone, in the field reducing the time from meeting to sign off.

There are lots of other improvements to AutoCAD 2018 of which these are just a few of the highlights. If you want more details about the product or your upgrade options don't hesitate to contact us.