Autodesk re-brands A360 Team to BIM360 and Fusion Team


Autodesk have now announced the evolution of their A360 Team product; A360 Team will soon be available as AEC and MFG specific products to go with the new industry specific ‘Industry Collections’ now available in place of suites.


A360 Team will now become BIM 360 Team for companies Architecture, Engineering Construction industries and Fusion Team for Product Design and Manufacturers


Some things to remember are that the functionality of the product will not be changing at all right now, and neither will the annual subscription prices. All you need to know is that while existing clients will continue to be able to access A360 Team, new clients will need to choose between BIM360 and Fusion Team, depending on your industry.

Whilst the two new products are currently the same, distinguishing between the two means that in the future Autodesk will be able to make functionality changes specific to the industry, giving a better user experience in coming releases.

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