Cadassist Champions BIM at Upcoming Events

BIM is one of the major issues surrounding the construction industry at the moment, and those looking to get ahead of the competition have already implemented, or are in the process of implementing, BIM.  54% of respondents to the NBS National BIM Survey 2015 said they had used BIM on at least one project in 2014, up 15% on the previous year.  

Cadassist, well aware of this trend, are championing education of BIM, and the importance of training in BIM and relevant softwares such as Revit, at a number of upcoming events in the Manchester area as sponsors and presenters.

BIM Level 3 and Beyond - 29th June

BIM Level 3 and Beyond is an exciting new event in Manchester sponsored by Cadassist which is focusing on the step up to BIM Level 3; the challenges we have coming up.  There'll be plenty of healthy debate, the chance to raise issues you are concerned about, and formulate and understand what lies beyond BIM Level 2, and explore how to approach this new era of BIM

Find out more about this event.


The Second Annual BIM Conference - 12th July

This Cadassist sponsored event, held in partnership with Salford University, has exciting speaker sessions who will build on last year's discussions and explore what more can be done to embrace the widespread benefits that BIM has to offer. We'll be looking at the successes of BIM Level 2, how BIM Level 3 will benefit the industry and UK as a whole, progressions in technology and the benefits and obstacles of widespread BIM.

Find out more about this event.

We won't be stopping at exploring BIM this summer, we plan to participate in a number of events in the future including UK Construction Week, and you can get in touch any time for information and training on BIM.

For more information on BIM software and training email or phone us. To keep up to date with Autodesk and Cadassist news, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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